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Course in Direction

The director's vision guides the film. This course covers all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production, including how to stage a scene, dividing it with shots and capturing it on camera. Students will learn story boarding, camera angles, close-ups, cutting, continuity and composition.

The Students will write and direct their own continuity exercises, which they may use as demo reels.

An introduction to film and Video formats and techniques, their history and development, with particular reference to the development of Directorial skills and their use in the Film, Video and Television Industries as well as an appreciation of how, when and why the most important formats and technique are used on various productions.

Course Goal

  • Introduction
  • Understanding and analysis of film script
  • Understanding the structure of story-telling
  • Visual story-telling
  • Camera, it's rules and demo
  • Basis of editing, sound, art direction, costuming, post-production organizing and pre-production presentations
  • Analysis of 6 films, scene by scene, shot by shot
  • Basic of Production
  • Making of demo films

For Whom

Aspirant Film-Makers / Directors


Creatively inclined individuals. Age and gender no bar

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