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Course in Editing

Learn the basics of non-linear editing. Get an exposure to the medium.

Editing Courses Mumbai

Film editing techniques are often taught as part of a broader course of study. Many schools offer instruction in film editing through a number of related programs, including film production, television production, digital arts and others. When selecting a school for film editing, students should consider the types of programs and degrees offered, the availability of internships and a school's facilities.

In this course students will learn to edit news reports for print and new media. They will learn how to select the right words; locate gaps in news reports and strengthen copy, judge news reports and decide display, and write eye-grabbing headlines.

Course Goal

  • Introduction and evolution of film editing
  • Fundamentals and principles of editing
  • Software usage
  • Understanding and working with time lines. Offline / Online edits
  • Basic editing formats for music videos, serials, ad films, documentaries and feature films
  • Understanding story-telling
  • Transitions
  • Analysis of 1 film scene by scene, shot by shot
  • Working on cross platform environment
  • Editing on professional editing setups (FCP, AVID)
  • Special effects in editing

For Whom

Students, practicing professionals, housewives, etc


Graduates / Undergraduates from any discipline. Age and gender no bar

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